The Utility Industry Group

  United We Stand

If you exchange business information within the utility industry and you want to use Electronic Commerce or Electronic Data Interchange, you are in the right place! Almost everyone is a trading partner of utilities, including manufacturers, distributors, energy suppliers, customers, and banks, and almost everyone can improve their business processes through the use of electronic business transactions.

The Utility Industry Group is a voluntary, not-for-profit, industry action group dedicated to the advancement of EC, EDI, and electronic business processes within the Utility Industry.   Our members are professionals whose interest lies in improving the exchange of information between member trading partners.

The UIG encourages and promotes the use of national standards for electronic business transactions, in order to promote the growth and timely implementation of electronic transactions within the utility industry. The UIG participates in the development processes that create cross-industry standards. The UIG develops and publishes standard conventions for the implementation and use of the national standards.

Through regular meetings and electronic discussion groups, the UIG also provides a forum for the exchange of ideas related to EC and EDI and their influence on the business needs of the industry

Take a look inside to learn more about us and what we do. Better yet, join our Group and attend our next meeting. Let's see if we can do some EDI together!

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